You are not just getting training here you are getting training and software and support thru live sessions that we do weekly. Plus once you purchase one of our program.


We seen so many people paying for Day trading training programs out there and getting nothing and them they are left on there own too trade and what happens then?? They give give up!! Why? Because no software, no on going training no support and no trading group to interact with. Here our members communicate with each other and trade with one another.


We are all about transparency and we admit that traders do lose money. While most of the industry is only going to show you “winning trades” and never show losing trades we also are going to share losing trades too.


We want you to know that success in “Day Trading” is attainable by anyone, at any age, at any point in their life. If you can use Facebook, and are willing to have patience learning a new skill, you too can become a successful trader. Day trading is not watching a ticker-tape scroll on Fox News or CNN and knowing about every stock, it’s about learning how the market fluctuates and works, so that you can make educated decisions every day.


We Trade after hours (between Wall Street closing and opening bells) is the same as trading any other hour, but learning to trade during thees tams takes a different approach. Yes our software runs 23 hours a day for trading if you desire.